3 red flags you should know when hiring a property management company for your short term rental

Short term rentals… the mecca for real estate investors who want to see big returns and build a legacy portfolio.

At least, that’s why we got into it. That and we genuinely LOVE hosting. But more on that in a moment. 

As we’ve started serving clients through co-hosting, we’ve noticed a handful of things that other management companies do that quite honestly don’t benefit you as the property owner. 

We’re outlining three red flags you should be mindful of when hiring a property manager / co-host to make your short term rental more passive and stress free for you. 

ONE: Your listing title includes their company name

A client recently came to us with a listing that was seriously underperforming. First thing I noticed was the current management company name in the title of her listing on Airbnb. The only person this benefits is the company itself and it certainly doesn’t do you any favors in the Airbnb algorithm. 

Your listing title should feature amenities, attractions, and standout features of your home. Make it unique and branded to your property. Leverage Rankbreeze for suggestions based on other top properties in your area also. 

TWO: The company is the host

If your management company has created your listing under their account and they are the main host, they essentially own the listing. If you were to ever want to part ways, you’d be taking your listing down and starting all over which means you’d also lose your reviews. 

We recommend that you be the primary host and your management company be the co-host to avoid losing what could be months or years of reviews. 

THREE: Property-specific messaging and rules

Your property is unique to you, its location, and the guests who stay there. So many management companies use generic messages, don’t have any kind of guidebook, and sometimes just ignore messages. 

Property-specific messages help enhance the guest experience resulting in better reviews and guests that want to rebook and refer. Your house rules (or guidelines as we like to say) should also be property specific. Why would you have details about a hot tub if your property doesn't have a hot tub? It shouldn't, but many management companies are just hitting copy and paste.

If you’re ready to make a change from your current property management company or searching for your first, we’d love to connect with you. 

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